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Personalized coaching for people who want to find

Freedom & Restoration

and leave behind the bondage of sexual addiction.

in person and virtual)


One-on-one recovery Addiction Coaching sessions are designed to help you develop a recovery plan and encourage you toward sexual purity.  


One-on-one coaching to help you work on healing from the trauma that comes from the discovery of sexual behavior from an addicted spouse.  

Couples Coaching:

Couples coaching to help you build a new foundation as a recovering addict and healing spouse.  



Online support groups are designed to keep you on track in your work toward recovery and help you stay connected to others working on their own recovery plans.  Groups are a vital part of the recovery process as it helps the addict have accountability and learn vulnerability.



The pain that comes from being a partner of a sex addict is real. Groups can help partners who are experiencing loneliness and hopelessness and empower them to do the work of healing.


We'll provide you with personalized resources and recommendations as you progress through your recovery toward freedom from sexual addiction or healing from a partners sexual addiction.







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