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Personalized coaching for those recovering from sexual addiction and betrayed partners who need healing. 

Sexual addiction is a rampant problem in our culture.  

Sex can be found everywhere you look: in the checkout aisle, on the TV, in the department store window, and on the phone in your pocket.  

Sexual addiction has ruined countless lives and left families brokenhearted in the wake of its power.   We desire to come alongside individuals and families impacted by sexual addiction and provide shelter and a path forward toward freedom and recovery.


While there are multiple ways addiction begins, there is a proven path to recovery.  We offer a personalized approach to recovery that will take you from bondage to freedom.  

 We will give you a proven action plan and resources, weekly one-on-one coaching, and a sympathetic support group that understands your struggle.

Sexual Addiction
Recovery Coaching

If you are addicted to sexual activity and want to find freedom, you need a coach.  This includes: pornography, masturbaion, prostitutes, one-night-stands, extra-marital affairs, homosexual encounters, fetishes, withholding love or sex from your spouse, massage parlors, and more.  You can be free from the bondage of these activities.  

If your spouse is sexually addicted, you need help. You are not the problem, your spouse is, but living with a sex addict can leave you feeling helpless and confused in your marriage.  There is work that you can do to heal from the betrayal and help your marriage move forward if your spouse does the work they need to do.  If they are unwilling to recover, your own healing is still of utmost importance.  

Recovery Coaching

The best way to heal a marriage from sexual behavior is together.  You will move closer together as you both work your recovery plans separately.  Coaching will provide you accountability and a plan to move forward along with a support system of others in recovery who can help you along. 

There is hope.
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